Henry Nicholls Antiques, 91 Rowlands Road, Worthing, Sussex BN11 3JX Telephone: 01903 216 926 - Email: askhenry@henrynichollsantiques.co.uk


I began selling antiques when I was eight years old. I would rummage through the clutter at my Grandmothers’ house, then search out and then sell anything that caught my eye (of course, mother took a cut!).

I then graduated to helping at school fetes which, in the 1970s, were a great way for the parents and grandparents to get rid of their old junk. Of course, that’s where I hunted for anything I liked the look of.

Next, a rather exciting spell as a grocer’s boy. I would get paid to deliver groceries to the elderly and occasionally come away with old bits and bobs they no longer wanted.

Then at 15, a chap I met through my interest in antiques introduced me to the world of house clearances. I couldn't believe how much hard work they were, but I loved the sense of adventure (in fact, I still clear houses as they keep me fit, keep me busy, and help me meet the most fascinating people).

Next, a succession of stalls in Antiques Centres followed, as did some rather more unusual career choices, followed by the eventual realisation that my true vocation was in the world of antiques and the people who buy and sell them. I opened up a shop in sunny Worthing doing the job I love most. And over 20 years later, I am still here.

I have since been approached by several production companies and have appeared in a number of TV antique shows from Trash to Cash and ITV's Secret Dealers to Dickinson’s Real Deal. All of these have been great fun to make and it is a real privilege to work with all the dealers, presenters and crew.

And there is a postscript to all this. My love and fascination for antiques is not so much about the money. It is about the discovery, the unknown, the history we can hold in our hands. Every day I learn something new about another period, artist, occupation or fashion. And every day I look forward to going to work as I never know what will happen, what I will see or who I will meet.

And that brings me on to you. I only ever buy antiques from private individuals. So if you have something you would like to know more about, get valued or simply sell, then do get in touch.

You can pop in to my shop and say hello, call me on 07866 436 371 or email me at askhenry@henrynichollsantiques.co.uk

And remember, to save you time, you can photograph or video your item and send it to me via mobile or email.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.